23F GT Tower International, 6813 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Manila Philippines
EN +63.9175618727 | JP +63.9172546892

Data Center


GYCGI provides an easy-to-use telecommunications infrastructure at a reasonable price.

  • Installed an equipment to protect the system from all sorts of troubles.
  • Well-maintained security measures to prevent information leakage.
  • Full-time engineers to restlessly monitor our system for 24/7
  • The data center enables to efficiently correspond with our English-speaking technical support.
  • Equinix, ComSpace, NF Park, and such as the major data center to secure zero-mile loop at with the minimum data capacity of 10G.
  • 100% reliable IP connection at a competitive rate while maintaining its redundancy.
  • The data center is desinged to store all sorts of important information and data safely.
  • 3 circuits spot-network power receiving system.
  • UPS and two generators to correspond quickly in the case of emergency.